New Exhibition Abstract Video

Abstract Variations

Moving Painting Exhibition - April 2021

This new series of moving paintings are slowly evolving abstracts that explore the endless possibilities of painted shapes, textures and colours to reflect an emotion or simply tell story. They are all intended to inspire your imagination and to let you take from them what you will.

These works are open editions and unwatermarked versions can be purchased for streaming or downloading here.

Abstract Variation No.1 'The Question' - There is a narrative here (somewhere!) and some intense emotion.

Abstract Variation No.2 'No To-morrow' - A touch of space and a hint of the complexities of existence - maybe?

Abstract variation No. 3 'An Inborn Fire' - A reflection of ever changing thought patterns or what?

Abstract Variation No.4 'Fair as Gold' - You work this one out yourself!

Abstract Variation No. 5 'Pandæan Pleasure' - Sometimes we just have to take a trip!

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