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June 2020

As a celebration of the 'sort of coming out of lockdown' we are now experiencing I am releasing a new moving painting for you all to enjoy
for free. 'Winter Ride' is a re-working of some of my tree paintings produced a few years ago with a jaunty musical accompaniment inspired by the thought of riding in an open horse-drawn carriage through parkland. The video is available only to those with the following link and is for you to stream from Vimeo or to download and keep on what ever device you fancy. I hope you enjoy it. The link is here:

In January my moving painting 'Gaia' which is on the Framed platform, was selected for display on a huge 8 metre screen in a Galleria shopping mall in Yokohama. Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of the installation which I think just sneaked in before Japan locked down. You can see 'Gaia' here:

Last month, as some of you might have noticed, Sedition launched the first of a new series of my moving paintings called 'Horizons'. Inspired by the lovely Dorset downs and coastline but then reaching out across the world these three new works were created as soothing antidotes to the frustration of living in lockdown. You can see
'Seascapes' here:

I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of these strange and difficult days and have spent a lot of time working on different aspects of my artwork and learning new music techniques and skills. The pandemic has also allowed me more time to consider the state our environment, the effects of climate change and its causes. To this end I have joined the
Dorset Wildlife Trust, The Woodland Trust and a tremendously important organisation called 'Population Matters' . I have been a member of Greenpeace for many years but, so far, they have not addressed the pressing and depressingly obvious issue of over population and the effect it has on our environment. I hope, in future, to be able to produce a new series of paintings highlighting some of the issues that confront us and our increasingly fragile home.


Claire Reika Wright
Bridport 2020

A still from Winter Ride

Winter Ride 2_s

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