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April 2021

The long months of imposed isolation this past year or so have enabled me to work at various art and music projects entirely undisturbed which has not only allowed me to make more art than I might have done but has also given me extra time to learn some new techniques and polish up some old ones. (and then promptly forget them!!)

A new exhibition of five moving paintings under the heading of
'Abstract Variations' opens on-line as from 29th April. These new works are a culmination of some 6 months work during various 'lockdowns' but they are not intended as a reflection on anything remotely connected with these unfortunate interludes or their cause. You do not need to wear a mask, wash you hands or present me with any sort of certification or test result to view the show!

Visit the new

My 'Horizons' series of moving landscape paintings is now nearly complete and Horizons 3
'Mountains' can be seen on Sedition's website here. This is an impressionistic work of hand painted images of mountain ranges accompanied by a specially composed soundtrack. The second 'Horizon' work of cityscapes has yet to be finalised.

Urban Journeys - a free video

'Urban Journeys' is a series of 10 'moving paintings' sequenced together to make a video that lasts some 50 minutes. This work is a departure from my usual 'slowly' moving work being far more rhythm and drama driven and therefore not so much a moving painting as an entirely abstract film with many moods and themes! This has led me to decide to release it as free gift to all my loyal and long suffering supporters. The work is available here on Vimeo, to stream or download. You can read more about 'Urban Journeys' here.

Claire Reika Wright
Bridport April 2021

Screenshot from Variation 4

A scene from Abstract variation No.4

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