Claire Reika Wright Overview of past work

A retrospective selection
Paintings from past series by Claire Reika Wright dating from 1997 to 2017.

'Saturday' The Vividz 1st Series (Sold)


'So' The Vividz 1st Series (sold)


'What!' The Vividz 1st Series


'Dilemmas' Strange Adventure Series (sold)


'Really?' Strange Adventure Series

Magic Tryptch.png

'Mystery, Magic, Miracle Tryptch' Strange Adventure Series (sold)


'I'll put a girdle round the earth' Shakespeare Prints


'It was the nightingale' Shakespeare Prints


'Chameleon' Tramp Series


'Confusion' Tramp Series (sold)

Lover's lane XI.jpg

Lover's Lane XI (sold)

Lover's Lane I.jpg

Lover's Lane I (sold)

Little Wing.jpg

'Little Wing' - Its Only Rock'n'Roll Series (sold)

Lucy in the Sky.jpg

'Lucy in the Sky' - Its Only Rock'n'Roll Series

Cowgirl in the Sand.jpg

'Cowgirl in the Sand' - Its Only Rock'n'Roll Series

Crazy Diamond.jpg

'Crazy Diamond' - Its Only Rock'n'Roll Series (sold)

The Time is Right l.jpg

'When the Time is Right' - The River of Memories Series


'Remembering' - The River of Memories Series (sold)

Would you not have me honest.jpg

'Would you have me Honest?'- As You Like It Series (sold)

I would sing my song without a burthen.jpg

'I would sing my song without a burthen'- As You Like It Series

Winter Bright3.jpg

'Winter Bright'- Trees 2015


'Solstice' - Trees 2015


'Storm' - Trees 2015 (sold)

Pan's Wood_xl.jpg

'Pan's Wood' - Trees 2015

Flight of Fancy.jpg

'Flight of Fancy' - Trees 2017 (sold)

The Hard Road_l.jpg

'The Hard Road' - Abstracts 2013 -2017 (sold)

Wear the Crown_l.jpg

'Wear the Crown' - Abstracts 2013 -2017

Physics of Romance.jpg

'The Physics of Romance' book cover design

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