Claire Reika Wright The Journeys Collection

The Journeys Collection and Urban Journeys

The Journeys Collection

A unique collection of ten 5 minute moving image artworks of visual and aural journeys created from layers of marks, daubs of paint, scribbles, scratches and intricate textures along with layers of sounds, rhythms, harmonies and melodies. A concert of colour and tone.

Each 'journey' has its own underlying mood and projects a range of emotions that form a narrative that the viewer may interpret as the wish. As well as being presented as separate videos they are also suppled as a single segued 50 minute video.

The Journeys Collection is available in a limited edition of 100. The HD 1080 video set is available as a limited edition of 100 on a gift boxed USB Flash Drive to enable secure protection of the edition and easy playing and download to TV sets, computers and mobile devices.
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A watermarked low resolution versions of the work can be seen below on Vimeo.
The link below plays each of the ten works in sequence - you can view them separately on Vimeo here

Urban Journeys

Following on from 'Journeys' and continuing with the theme of travelling through the layers of media that make up an abstract painting 'Urban Journeys' takes the viewer through ten paintings inspired by urban scenes and situations; it is all about 'feel' and 'mood' as much as anything.. The pace and general feel of the video is dynamic with visuals and music closely aligned and evocative of the stresses and strains of urban living. In this instance the ten paintings are presented only as one continuous carefully segued 50 minute video. The soundtrack ranges from experimental through new romantic, disco, rock and jazz. Even folk gets a look in!

'Urban Journeys' is now available free to stream or download from Vimeo here.

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