Latest News - August 2017

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The three books in the trilogy, which, by the way, is an amazing and thought provoking read, are 'The Secret Life of a God', 'Diary of an Ex-Goddess' and 'The Physics of Romance'.

'The Thermodynamics of Love' trilogy

Entropy marks the end of David and Kate's relationship. But perhaps, they can still transform it into Superconductive love, if they manage to transcend the inevitable limitations of time, and the hazy lines between dream and reality, life and death.

Here are some interesting links to site that promote artists such as myself or art in general. for instance has an amazing collection of royalty free fine art here whilst the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's work is well worth looking at here.

Toulouse-Lautrec has always bee a favourite of mine and you can see his complete works on The Toulouse lautrec Foundation site. Another great art site for original oil paintings and handmade oil painting reproductions is

Some interesting links

I was very pleased to have all three of my art works submitted to the Ironstone Art Prize accepted and for 'Mammon and the Urban Terrorists' to be shortlisted. The exhibition in Banbury Museum ran from 23rd January to 12th March 2016 and was a wonderful showcase of the diverse range of art being produced in North Oxfordshire. You can see a short video Preview of 'Mammon' on Vimeo here.

Also last year my moving image work 'Turmoil' was long-listed for the Lumen Prize. Composer Louie Utterson kindly allowed me to use his work 'Torment' for the soundtrack and even let me remix and mangle it for parts of the piece! The work has now matured and the 2017 version, 'Turmoil Evolved' is on Sedition here.

This year has so far been all about producing new work and working on four commissioned pieces with very little time for exhibiting. I was lucky enough to be selected as artist in residence for the Hampshire law Society's annual dinner. This was a grand affair held at Southampton Football Club and I displayed two moving image works on 12 large screens all round the ball room.

A new moving image work, 'The Touch' on which I collaborated with old friend and philosopher Peter Welman, was recently long-listed for the National Open Art prize and I have been selected as a finalist in an international abstract art competition.