An overview of Claire Reika Wright and her work. To her mind the work comes first!

The Work

Claire Reika Wright's digital 3D abstract expressionist art transforms our perceptions of reality. Randomly changing moving images reflect the prevailing conditions of the world we inhabit; painterly alien shapes and multi-layered textures replace well worn landscapes, while the occasional intrusions of reality provide intriguing insights.

Wright was one of the first artists to realise the potential of digital painting, animation and photo manipulation techniques and has been using these methods since the early nineties. Her background as a traditional painter informs everything she works on "I like to include hand-drawn or painted shapes and textures in every work I create. It helps to humanise the digital. The human element is an important part of my work as it is intensely personal. For me, art has to be about feelings and emotions as well as commenting on the world around us."

This fundamental attitude is emphasised by the fact that, uniquely, Wright composes the music that accompanies each moving image work thus making the work a totally indvidual experience.

Apart from her moving image work and the canvases and prints that it inspires, her body of work has included the much sort after 'Rock 'n' Roll' series of paintings and prints, 'The Vividz' series and, more recently, digital mixed media abstract work and the Celestial Trees series. She has also created an eighty minute film 'Vortex' that builds on the 3D interactive work.

Her work is in public and private collections around the world and 'The Siren's Cry' was selected for the global tour of Lumen Prize winners' in 2012, 'They Live below Ground Now' was short listed for the prize in 2014 and 'Mammon and the Urban Terrorists' and 'Turmoil' long listed in 2015 and 2016 respectively. 'Mammon' was short-listed for the IronStone Art Prize in 2016


The Artist

Claire Reika Wright was born in London, she lived for nearly thirty years in Western Australia returning to England in 2001. She has been a full time artist/musician since 1993. She studied fine art in the early sixties and has painted, drawn and composed her own music since the age of twelve. Her computer skills also stem, originally, from the sixties when she was taught how to program a huge Texas Instruments machine that filled an entire room.

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